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Make a difference in the community of Ohio today!

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Clean Fuels Ohio Strives To Make Your Communities Healthy and More Prosperous


Clean Fuels Ohio improves air quality and health, reduces environmental pollution, and strengthens Ohio’s economy by increasing the use of cleaner, domestic fuels and energy-saving vehicles.

  • A 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization
  • A partner to organizations of all sorts in the implementation of advanced fuels
  • Facilitates the development of statewide infrastructure to support advanced fuels
  • Prioritizes equity in the environmental industry
  • Works at local, state, and federal levels to support and create policy
  • Ensures that environmental benefits are also economic benefits


Clean Transportation for All Residents of Ohio

  • Inherently cleaner technologies and fuels that replace gasoline and diesel
  • Efficient and affordable mobility
  • Clean, healthy air for all communities
  • Sustainable climate today and generations to come
  • Welcoming innovation with good-paying jobs
  • Bright, prosperous future for our children


"As a company focused on providing innovative solutions for the vehicle service and maintenance needs of fleet owners, W.W. Williams values the collaboration Clean Fuel Ohio has established with the transportation industry and local and state governments. CFO has proven to be an organization that is both client-centered for fleets and mission-driven. It is these partnerships that continue to drive advances in fuel solutions and vehicle technologies and strengthens our business and state’s economy."

Wally Williams
Vice President, W.W. Williams


Clean Fuels Ohio is a national Clean Cities Coalition that works to support energy and economic security through partnerships that advance affordable, efficient, and environmentally beneficial domestic transportation fuels, technologies, and mobility systems.

We are among the top of nearly 100 coalitions that provide unbiased resources and information to stakeholders that give insight on transportation options that will allow organizations to achieve their goals around alternative fuels, sustainability, fuel-savings strategies, and mobility solutions.